How to choose a artiest painting brush for beginners?

The types of artiest painting brushes we often use in painting are as follows: The first type is natural fiber, which is bristles. Including bristles, wolf hair, mink hair and so on. The second category is chemical fiber. We usually use nylon.

New artiest painting brush are bought to do some simple processing. If it is a natural fiber paint brush, some of it is glued. This type of paint brush can be soaked in warm water for 15 minutes and then gently rubbed. After the brush hair is loosened, clean the remaining glue with clean water. If the brush is not glued, it can of course be used directly, but it is best to rinse with water to remove the floating hair on the brush. Natural fiber artiest painting brushes include fine fibers such as mink hair, wolf hair, etc., as well as thick fiber brushes such as bristles.

Bristle brush
The brush fibers of chemical fibers are often thinner, and the elasticity varies significantly depending on the type. However, the absorbency is often not ideal, and it is suitable for finer shaping. The choice of brushes is more based on the artist’s personal needs and his own skills.

Wolf brush
The thick-fiber bristle artiest painting brush has good elasticity, and the brush strokes of the bristle are obvious, which facilitates the accumulation of pigments to create a texture effect. The brush of the bristle is not suitable for repeated application. Because of its strong elasticity, it is very dangerous to repeatedly apply on the paint layer that has not yet dried. Especially when the bottom color layer is very thin, with the help of the solvent of the medium, it is easy to scrape the bottom color layer and expose the bottom of the painting.

Kolinsky painting brush
Brushes such as kolinsky hair and wolf hair have good absorbency and are not prone to obvious strokes. They are easy to connect and are suitable for drawing delicate and delicate traditional paintings. These brushes are very suitable for thin application due to their weak elasticity but excellent absorption. Especially large-area cover-dyed nylon brushes have excellent elasticity and can draw some clear and powerful strokes in the process of fine depiction.

Post time: Jan-18-2021