Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co.,ltd specialize in production and sales of artist brushes, which including watercolor/oil/acrylic/decorative brushes and beauty brushes. They have their own brand- Golden Maple, it had been known as one of the best artist paint brush brand in China. They offer all kinds OEM service, also can help you to create your own brush and brand. Even if you have brush’s data, then they can manufacture it, according to your request to manufacture many different brushes.


  • What if the paint brush dries??

    1, first wipe off the excess paint on the oil brush First immerse the pen in water, wipe off the excess paint on the oil brush along the basin wall. Do not worry about the cleaning of the basin, on China, you can wipe it off gently with a wet cloth, very convenient. As for the water temperature,...

  • Oil painting knowledge popularization: four common techniques in oil painting

    Oil painting originated in ancient Europe and experienced several periods of classical, modern and modern oil painting works in each period have their own characteristics. Artists created a variety of oil painting techniques in practice, so that oil painting materials give full play to the perfor...

  • How To Clean an Oil Paint Palette

    As a hobby, painting with oil paints is fun, satisfying, and more than a little rewarding. Cleaning up afterward, however, not so much. If you’re one of those artists who hates cleaning their palette, don’t fret. We’ve collected tips on how to clean an oil paint palette just for you! We’ve includ...

About factory
  • About factory

    About factory, it had run over 30 years, has rich experience on manufacture artist paint brush.

  • Guarantee the quality

    The high product quality and quality management system can make cargo the same with the confirm samples.

  • OEM with your brand

    We provide OEM service for importer/wholesaler/retailer. OEM brand print on handle and packing are available.

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