How to buy watercolor artiest painting brushes for beginners?

How do beginners buy watercolor artist painting brushes? The following are some important parameters that I have summarized when buying these brushes.

First, the shape of the brush
In general, the round brush is used the most. Many of them can be subdivided, so I won’t go into details here. In fact, I think that the ball-tip pen mainly depends on the pen belly to determine the water retention, and the shape of the nib determines the tip of the pen.
Next is the flat-tip brush, which extends out and has a row of brushes. You can buy two flat-tip brush, one small and one large number separated by a few more, which can be used to make landscape paintings. The row brush is used to spread water (for paper mounting or wet painting). Generally, you can choose a 30mm wide or slightly wider 16K format.
There are also some other shapes, such as fan shape, cat tongue shape, blade shape, etc., which are not used much, and generally do not need to buy.
Second, the size of the brush (length and width)
Third, the size is something everyone can think of. Just like I bought a series of nylon pens from 0 to 14 for Sakura at the beginning, there are both large and small. After drawing for a while, you will find that there are only two pens you use frequently.
Take myself as an example. I usually paint in 16K format and occasionally 32K. So if it is a Western brush, it is usually No. 6 and No. 8, which means the width (diameter) of the pen is 4-5 mm, and the length of the pen is 18-22 mm. For the national brush, Xiuyi is 4mm wide and 17mm long, and it can also be equipped with a 5mm pen such as Ye Chan, Ruoyin and so on.

Post time: Jan-18-2021