2024 Summer Painting Color Trends: The Beauty of Colors Spread by Brushstrokes

With the arrival of summer 2024, the painting world has ushered in a new color trend. Every year’s popular colors reflected not only the trends in fashion and design, but also social emotions and cultural atmosphere. This year, color experts are predicting a series of uplifting hues that will become a source of inspiration for artists. Here are the main popular colors for painting in summer 2024, the meaning behind them, and how to bring out the charm of these colors through the use of different brushes.

Ocean Blue


Ocean blue is one of the main colors of 2024. This deep and fresh blue evokes the vastness and tranquility of the ocean. Ocean blue not only symbolizes calmness and stability but also expresses people’s concern and love for the natural environment. Using a large flat brush, you can boldly apply ocean blue to represent the vast sky or ocean, and use soft brushstrokes to create the layering of waves.

Sunrise Orange


Sunrise Orange brings a feeling of warmth and hope. This bright orange hue is reminiscent of the first rays of sunlight in the morning, full of energy and vitality. The round brush can be used to carefully outline the delicate light and shadow of sunrise orange, which is especially suitable for depicting the details of flower petals and the brilliance of sunlight on the surface of objects. Golden Maple’s round-tipped brush can precisely control the flow of paint to create a soft gradient effect.

Moss Green


Moss Green is a soft green that is full of vitality and natural atmosphere. It is reminiscent of forests, grass and moss, and symbolizes vitality and growth. The natural texture of moss green can be created with a fan brush, which is perfect for depicting the details of leaves, grass and moss, giving the painting a vibrant and natural atmosphere.

Cherry Blossom Pink


Cherry Blossom Pink is a soft and romantic hue that brings a sweet and dreamy feeling. This pink color is reminiscent of cherry blossoms in spring, full of poetry and romance. The detail brush allows you to finely depict each petal and detail of cherry blossom pink, which is suitable for expressing soft lines in flowers and portraits. With its ultra-fine tip, Golden Maple’s fine detail brushes is able to accurately depict every detail of cherry blossoms.

Sunshine Yellow


Sunshine Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that symbolizes joy and positive energy. This yellow hue brings a sense of joy and warmth, and is suitable for expressing vibrant elements such as summer sunshine and sunflowers. Applying Sunshine Yellow with a large round brush create bright spots and reflections, filling the painting with the warmth of the sun.

Application suggestions

For artists, how to skillfully use these popular colors is the key to creation. Here are some application suggestions:

Color matching: Try to match these popular colors with other colors to create harmonious and layered works. For example, the combination of ocean blue and moss green can show the harmonious beauty of nature, while sunrise orange and sunshine yellow can bring a strong visual impact.

Emotional expression: Different colors can convey different emotions. Artists can choose the right color according to the theme of the work. For example, cherry blossom pink is suitable for expressing soft and romantic themes, while sky blue is suitable for expressing peace and freedom.

Innovative use: Don’t stick to traditional way of using colors, try to use these popular colors on non-traditional elements. For example, using sunrise orange to represent the skin tone of a character, or moss green to depict a cityscape, can lead to unexpected results.

The summer painting colors of 2024 provide a rich source of inspiration for artistic creation. Whether it is natural landscapes, portraits or abstract works, these colors can help artists better express emotions and themes.

Hope these popular colors can bring new inspiration and passion to your creation. By the way, We, Golden Maple can offer all styles of paint brushes for you to create the beauty of colors that belong to this summer.

Post time: Jun-22-2024